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The Have-nots have never produced the
intelligence and the ability and the Haves have
never produced the conscience, to make a
permanent alteration of the rules of the game.
Slave revolts, peasant revolts, revolts of the
proletariat have always been fits of rage, acute
social fevers which have passed. The fact
remains that history produces no reason for
supposing that the Have-nots, considered as a
whole, have available any reserves of directive
and administrative capacity and disinterested
devotion, superior to that of the more success-
ful classes. Morally, intellectually, there is no
reason to suppose them better.
Many potentially able people may miss educa-
tion and opportunity ; they may not be inherently
inferior but nevertheless they are crippled and
incapacitated and kept down. They are spoilt.
Many specially gifted people may fail to " make
good " in a jostling, competitive, acquisitive
world and so fall into poverty and into the
baffled, limited ways of living of the com-
monalty, but they too are exceptions. The
idea of a right-minded Proletariat ready to take
things over is a dream.
As the collectivist idea has developed out of
the original propositions of socialism, the more
lucid thinkers have put this age-long bitterness